Gambeson model 3


Gambeson from the 14th century matched to the weapon consisting of a chain mail and plate elements. Gambeson body extends downwards, allowing free movement.  Construction of a sleeve provides great freedom of movement in combat. Stand-up collar protects your neck from chafing of chainmail.  Gambeson is laced at the front by a woolen ribbon, however,  it can be converted to flat fabric buttons.

Made of the following layers:
-top linen layer,
-cotton fabric reinforcement,
-filling two layers of mat made of sheep’s fleece, three at chest and arms,
-linen lining.

Sewing standards:
Machine sewing – garments are machine sewn and quilted. Hand sewn holes.

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Laced, Buttons (16)


white, black, red, blue, green, yellow, brown, gray, navy blue, other


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