Orders, payment and shipping


Clothes and articles presented on the website are made to suit the order of the customer, in accordance with the descriptions and pictures of individual products. On request, we can modify any element of clothing, in accordance with the guidelines of the client.
After placing an order through the store or by e-mail, you will receive a message from us, summarizing the value of the order, the date of completion, and shipping costs. This message will contain all the details about the ordered garments, proposals for currently available fabrics in the colors chosen by you, as well as payment details.
If you order a dress from a “warehouse” or “in stock” section you will receive a message with payment details for your order.
We initiate the order after receiving the payment, the exact term of the order depends on its size and complexity. Ready-made clothes and accessories are sent within 3 days of receiving the payment. The implementation of custom-made clothes lasts from 2 weeks to 6 months, from placing an order.
We also make individual orders for clothes that you will not find in our offer. In order to obtain an individual project valuation, please contact us via email order@aketon.pl


Payments for an order can be made via payment to a bank account.
We send the data to the bank transfer via a message in which all bank details will be included along with a summary of the order. Please do not transfer payment for the order to a previously saved bank account. The payment details and the final value are given in the return message.


The shipment is carried out via Polish post, registered mail or parcel delivery, and via courier.

Dimensions and execution

Historical clothing is made in the default sewing standard, that is, machine sewing with manual finishing of visible seams, with the exclusion of underwear, combat garments, which are sewn entirely by machine. The applications on heraldic tunics are made by machine by default by sewing in elements of the coat of arms. We also point out that we can change the sewing method of each item of clothing and make it entirely by hand at the customer’s request for an additional fee.
Clothing can be made in two types of measurements, the first one being made in a size compatible with the table given at the clothing. In this case, the table gives the uniform measurements of the garments, for a particular size. By selecting the appropriate size from the list, you will receive the garment in the indicated size. It is a quick and convenient form of ordering clothing, but they are characterized by a smaller fitting.
The second method is to fill in a file attached to the client’s panel, presenting a form with a list of measurements, detailing the silhouette, and sending them by mail after the order. Then, when choosing a size in the panel, you indicate the option ‘Size – Other’.
By sending detailed measurements, we can prepare custom-made clothes, well-fitting, and non-standard sizes.
Below we present a table of basic measurements for individual product groups, each of them is also located next to products.